“I just wanted to express my complete satisfaction with the job that your company did with the encapsulation of my crawl space at 117 Sugar Bush. Your name & company was recommended to me by Mr. Dennis Walton (owner of Complete Pest Management). I had several (4) companies come to my house to give me estimates on the work and because of your Veteran discount, Atlantic Spray Systems had the best price for the same work to be performed. Mr. Tyler Hall provided excellent service! From the initial inspection, setting up the schedule, providing me with dates & time, delivery of services, installation of dehumidifier and providing the electrical service company. Tyler is a real asset to your business...a true professional. Thanks & please feel free to use me as a referral.”

Jim Morrison
Vietnam Veteran

“Professional & experienced team - Highly recommended!”

Stacie Joan

“Atlantic Spray Systems took care of my very large (1200 sq feet) third floor attic space. They sprayed open-cell foam on the ceiling (flat roof) and installed R-19 batting on the exteriors walls. The difference has been amazing. The temps would be unbearable during the summer, even with air conditioning, but once Atlantic finished with the insulation, the entire third floor is dramatically cooler. The second floor is cooler too. The crew was great and the price was excellent. Much less than I expected.”

Nicholas Sinbaldi

“Great customer service!”

Mary Ann Campbell

“Atlantic Spray Systems is an experienced & professional team who I would recommend to anyone --homeowners & business owners!”

Stacie Flynn

“Was recommended by a close friend and was far from disappointed!”

Janet Watkins

“Friendly staff & knowledgeable about their products & services!”

Bill Parkins

“Definitely would recommend!! Great company & made a big difference to our electric bill!!”

Hailey Brooks

“Fantastic company....really hard to find businesses today that stand by their word, AND THIS ONE DOES!! Dropped my electric bill by 100$ a month, and no longer have insect issues in our crawlspace/foundation . Thank you Art!”

Landon Wilthers
Gloucester, Va.

“I could not be happier with my experience with Atlantic Spray. Everything from the estimate to the quality of the job were above expectation. David saved me a lot of money by making recommendations that I had not considered. The install crew did a great job and left the building spotless, removing all their trash and sweeping out the dust. Any future spray foam jobs I will be calling them back without hesitation.”

Andrew Piske

“Art Mowry's company came out to my home last year, and waterproofed my crawlspace and applied the spray foam insulation to my attic and crawl. Before this, our hardwood floors were freezing...NOW, THEY ARE ROOM TEMPERATURE AND WE NO LONGER HAVE TO WEAR SHOES OR SOCKS JUST TO AVOID THE FREEZING FLOORS! This past winter was the only proof we needed, as the difference in our energy bill spoke for itself! Encapsulating, sealing up, our attic and crawl prevented the cold air from getting in and the warm air from getting out....simply amazing!!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE SPRAY FOAM IN YOUR HOME....PLEASE CALL THIS COMPANY. NOT ONLY DID THEY DO A FANTASTIC JOB, BUT THEIR PRICE DESTROYED THE COMPETITION BY 30%. Getting this WILL pay for itself, while also making life more comfortable during the hard winter and summer months....A++++++”

John Dameron

“Atlantic Spray completed my barn and house, attic, loft, and crawl. They did a superb job, the salesman was contagious, and everything was honest, direct and in the best interest as a customer. It's only been a few months but the money we are saving has already begun to show! Thank you so much!”

Herald Ballentyne

“Met these guys at the Richmond trade show this weekend. Spoke with Dave and John, both salesmen at Atlantic Spray. They were the ONLY company who actually broke down the diagnostics of the spray foam process, where I understand how it worked and how it was beneficial on an environmental, health, and energy level. I'm having them complete my attic or crawl space. ... and now I can't wait to see this powerful airtight seal rid of problems we have had since our house was built in the 20's. The fact that it is 24 times less permeable to air infiltration than other types of insulation, is simply incredible and I am, and will be continuously impressed. Thanks guys and I look forward to seeing you next week!”

Billy Sanders

“Atlantic Spray has done a few projects for us. They are extremely professional, meticulous and respectful of our home and property. I would highly recommend them and we will continue to hire them for any projects in the future.”

Debbie L

“Would recommend Atlantic Spray to anyone! Our twins love their music, playing and listening. We had a room done in our home, as well as our crawl space and attic, and no longer have to listen to around the clock drums and their believed practice sessions. Thank you Art!!”

William Hunt

“We contacted Atlantic Spray on a Monday, explained we had too much moisture in a crawl space. This was causing Mold and Mildew, problems with rust, pests, and even allergies . Their tech was at our home the very same afternoon, and set up a plan that was affordable to our budget, even going above and beyond what we paid for . we already knew the immediate benefits, and had read about the extra benefits of saving on our energy bill, BUT BOY WERE WE AMAZED!!!! THE studies we read showed that homes with encapsulated crawl spaces save around 15% annually on energy costs compared to homes with a vented crawl space. Air conditioning doesn’t work as hard to heat and cool your home and drafts that tend to seep through cracks in the house are sealed and no longer allow unwanted air flow. After Atlantic Spray was done, WE SAVE 28% on the first bill and 35% on our second electric bill .Since then, the amount of money we do tend to save it simply amazing! If you don't have any type of crawl encapsulation, please consider it!! You will not be disappointed and reaching out to Atlantic Spray Systems will literally put money back in your pocket. They are not a company focused on making a profit, but truly care about their product and our satisfaction with the service”

Lee Applegate

“Atlantic Spray came to my house last year and completely changed our lives. My wife, who has been battling breathing problems for years, no longer has any asthmatic reactions inside the house from dust or any other outside elements. Not only did it have an impact on our energy bill, but we are firm believers that encapsulating our crawl and attic has added more years to her life. Thank you Atlantic Spray! What you do is incredible and should be recognized in the medical community, as the EPA has been recently stating. We literally owe you our lives. We are forever grateful.”

Erin Baskins

“Had three companies come out and quote my house. Atlantic Spray Systems was most well-rounded, the only company that explained all the details of the process and took the time to get to know our family. The installation was clean and efficient, and we are very excited to see a huge reduction in our Energy bill!!!”

Phillip Goodman

“My wife and I are on a budget, like most older couples. Our home, which we have been in, raised our kids in, and will spend the rest of our lives in, is irreplaceable....however, because it was built in the 60's, the air flow and insulation was very poor. Our electric bill was over 350$ in the winter, and sometimes reaching 290$ in the summer. Art and his team came in THE SAME DAY WE CALLED, gave us a quote, one that was far beneath other companies. He genuinely cared about our budget and the ongoing problems we were facing. They completed a crawl and attic encapsulation...if you haven't heard of this, PLEASE LOOK IT UP...AND both of our electric bills were decreased by over 100$!!!! They further impressed us by making other recommendations that helped us save money, but charged is NOTHING for the extra services! They are a caring, family oriented business who truly care about each client. We are forever grateful!”

Paul Mays

“Our Mathews home settled quite a bit after 3 years. The major problem we were facing were cracks in the doorway/thresholds. Atlantic Spray was at our home, finishing up a crawl space (which turned out beautiful with spray foam and liner) Their supervisor came out to the job, to check on the work completed, we told him about the problem, and the fixed it FOR FREE!! We even had a professional sheetrock company, builder, come out and quoted us 2300 to fix the problem, I won't mention their name . Not only does Atlantic Spray Systems preform at the top of their industry in weatherization and while home insulation, they are a company of all trades, providing new, free, crawlspace insulated doors and fixed a structural issue at no cost!! Wonderful people!! We need more of these companies!”

Johnny Bartholomew

“The work done from Atlantic Spray looks great. They are a great team of professionals; honest and respectful as well. Customer service was very helpful too. We are very satisfied with the job and can feel a difference that the insulation makes.”

Donna Blommel

“I found Atlantic Spray to be knowledgeable and professional. I was pleased with my experience and would recommend them to others in the area looking to insulate their homes.”

Ford's Colony, Williamsburg, VA

“Our home already feels warmer and our heating bill is lower than it has ever been. Your team was very polite and professional and the work was done quickly and cleanly.”

Kyle D.
Newport News, VA